Are you tired of wrestling with generative AI to produce quality content?

You are a content creator, wirter, marketing specialist, influencer, podcaster or HR professional and you want to use an AI tool to help you produce texts? Crafting the perfect prompt for generative AI can feel like learning a new language, blocking your creativity and wasting precious time. That's why we integrated workflows into Owl At Work!


Don't let the Chat's History influence your Future Content

The Problem with Generative AI Chats

Challenges in Crafting Prompts:
Crafting the perfect prompt for generative AI can often feel like learning a new language, which can block creativity and waste precious time.
Bias and Deviation:
AI interactions often become biased by previous inputs, leading to content that veers away from your intended goals.
Guidance Requirement:
Continuously guiding the AI, correcting its course, and ensuring it doesn't veer off into unwanted directions can be exhausting and time-consuming.
Influence of Past Interactions:
There's a highlighted concern about the bias of chat histories, where past interactions may influence new responses, potentially deviating from the user's current intent.

As easy as filling out a form

Why We Integrated Workflows into Owl At Work

Owl At Work, the generative AI companion that transforms text generation into a breeze. Our app understands that you don't need to be a prompt engineer to produce outstanding text. By leveraging carefully crafted workflows, Owl At Work takes the raw material of your ideas and effortlessly shapes them into the polished content you need.

Tech as Enabler, Not Barrier:
With Owl At Work, overcome the challenge of technology and step into a world where your content is consistently compelling, uniquely yours, and deeply connects with your audience.
Effortless Workflow:
By utilizing well-designed workflows, Owl At Work takes your raw ideas and effortlessly molds them into polished content. A simple form guides you through a seamless process, from vague idea to perfect execution.
Overcoming Bias:
Owl At Work treats each request as a new beginning, ensuring that each output is free from the influence of past interactions.
Customization Options:
With the option to infuse your text with a specific Tone or Brand Voice, the content generated will match the style and professional finesse of your brand.
Alignment with Corporate Language:
Whether you seek eloquence, wit, or authority, Owl At Work delivers text crafted in the tone that aligns with your corporate language.
For the Time-Sensitive Professional:
Owl At Work is not just an app, it's a solution that provides seamless content generation in your voice, reflecting your ideas and resonating with your audience.

One for everyone

Take a look at our Workflows

These are Owl At Work's Workflows so far:

LinkedIn Ad Generator
Generate engaging LinkedIn Ads.
Compose a Mail
Professional emails, swiftly generated.
SCRUM Jira Ticket
Generate well-structured Jira ticket descriptions for SCRUM teams, including user stories, acceptance criteria, and priority.
Compose a Prompt
Craft effective prompts for the chat.
Craft a Startup Vision and Vision Statement
Generate an in-depth vision and a succinct vision statement for your startup.
LinkedIn Case Study
Generate a professional and engaging Case Study for LinkedIn.
Proofread and Correct Text
Proofread and correct text with specific focus points.
Campaign Idea Generator
Create comprehensive and creative campaign ideas for marketing products or services.
Create an Instagram Post
Efficiently craft engaging Instagram posts.
Create Unique Value Propositions
Generate compelling unique value propositions for products or services.
Storyboard Creation
Generate a detailed storyboard for videos, including scene descriptions and Speaker Text with timecodes, all in one comprehensive output.
Summarize Text
Get concise summaries of lengthy texts with optional tone customization.

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