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Quickly create detailed descriptions for multiple properties while ensuring all listings have a uniform and professional tone. Owl at Work will generate unique and engaging descriptions that stand out.


The Need for Outstanding Property Listings

Struggling to find the Words to describe your Property?

The real estate industry is bustling with actions and opportunities, but one common problem that realtors, real estate agents, marketing specialists, and rental hosts continually face is crafting compelling property listings. This necessary step can be time-consuming and often calls for a certain level of writing flair to make a property stand out in a densely populated market. How many times have you found yourself staring at a blank screen, struggling to find the right words to describe a property's unique features and selling points?

But the problem goes beyond just the starting point. The real pain point lies in the creation of descriptions that are both SEO-friendly and appealing to potential buyers or renters. With the digital age in full swing, a listing is not just about information; it's about storytelling, creating an emotional connection with the audience, and upping the likelihood of closing the sale or rental swiftly. This daunting task often leads to frustration, wasted hours, and a sense of despair when listings do not perform as well as expected.

Create Your Real Estate Listing in a few Easy Steps

Why You Should Create Your Real Estate Listings with Owl at Work

Owl at Work offers an AI solution for realtors to automate the creation of real estate listings, ensuring highly engaging, SEO-optimized descriptions that boost client engagement and success in the competitive market.

Automates Real Estate Listing Creation:
Owl at Work relieves realtors, marketing specialists, and rental hosts from the time-consuming task of crafting property listings by automating the process.
Tailored Descriptions:
The AI-powered solution creates descriptions that are specifically tailored to the unique features of each property, making every listing stand out in the market.
SEO-friendly Content:
Owl at Work understands the nuances of marketing speak and integrates SEO best practices. This ensures that your listings rise to the top of search results, increasing visibility.
Emotional Storytelling:
The AI doesn't just list information, it tells a story about the property, creating an emotional connection with potential buyers or renters and increasing the likelihood of a swift sale or rental.
Increases Engagement and Inquiries:
Transform your listings from ordinary to extraordinary and watch as engagement and inquiries soar. High-performing descriptions resonate with the audience and can lead to better performance of listings.
Work Smarter, Not Harder:
By automating the listing creation process, Owl at Work allows realtors to focus on other important aspects of their jobs, effectively working smarter, not harder. It's more than just a tool; it's a partner in success in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.

Create Your Real Estate Listing in a few Easy Steps

Just give the owl some essential information and it will create a Text that sells!

Type of Property
Are you selling a Townhouse, an Appartment or a Mansion?
Where is the location of the property you'd like to sell or rent?
How big is the property?
How many rooms has your property to offer?
Special Features
What makes your property special?
Put a Pricetag on it!
Tone of Voice
Describe your desired Tone of Voice or select a Brand Voice to describe your Property in a unique way.

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