Worried about your Data when using generative AI?

Are you struggling to merge the innovative power of generative AI with the strict data privacy requirements of GDPR in your content creation process? You're not alone. Many Content creators struggle to balance the use of generative AI for innovative content with GDPR compliance, facing legal concerns that hinder their creative process.


Using AI at Work

These are the most common concerns of using generative AI in the workplace

Data Privacy
Generative AI models, like chatbots, often require large amounts of data for training purposes. This data may contain personally identifiable information (PII) which GDPR strictly regulates. People are concerned that their personal data may be used without their explicit consent.
Lack of Transparency
GDPR mandates that companies must be transparent about their data processing activities. However, AI models often operate as "black boxes", making it hard for people to understand how their data is used and processed. This lack of transparency can cause worry about potential GDPR violations.
Automated Decision Making
GDPR gives individuals the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. In instances where generative AI is used to make decisions that could significantly impact individuals, there is concern that this could infringe on individuals' rights under GDPR.
Data Storage and Transfer
GDPR requires companies to put measures in place to protect data and limit its transfer to countries outside the European Economic Area. Since AI models are often trained and deployed in different locations, this could potentially lead to violations of GDPR rules.

Owl at Work is GDPR Compliant

Why you can use Owl at Work at Work

Owl at Work ist GDPR-compliant:
Owl at Work is a GDPR-compliant tool specifically designed to help generate valuable content while ensuring data security.
Servers in Europe:
Our servers are hosted in Europe with S3 storage precisely located in France, keeping all data within the GDPR jurisdiction.
Your data is not used for training:
Owl at Work promises not to use your data to train its AI; instead, your data remains secure within your personal account.
Worry-free Content Creation:
Integrating Owl at Work into your content strategy can revolutionize your approach to AI-powered content creation, enhancing your brand and bringing GDPR peace of mind.

Boost your Productivity

6 Reasons to use Owl at Work at Work

Integrating Owl at Work into your business brings numerous benefits, including...

Efficient Task Completion
Owl at Work can handle repetitive tasks, freeing up human workers for more complex tasks that require critical thinking and creativity.
24/7 Availability
Unlike humans, Owl at Work can work around the clock without breaks, ensuring constant productivity.
Quick Decision Making
Owl at Work can analyze large amounts of data quickly, enabling faster decision-making.
Enhanced Creativity
Owl at Work can come up with new patterns and ideas by analyzing existing data, thereby enhancing creativity.
Personalized Experience
Owl at Work can adapt to individual work styles with it's chat and different workflows, providing personalized assistance that boosts productivity.
By taking over routine tasks, Owl at Work reduces labor costs and increases overall operational efficiency.

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