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The common problem? The reliance on internet-based generative AI that often yields outdated or incorrect information, leading to a time-consuming and frustrating process for validation and fact-checking. As content creators, we've all experienced the irritation of sifting through unreliable data, the anxiety of incorporating potential misinterpretations, and the fear of 'hallucinated' information that could damage our credibility. Not to mention the hours wasted in the search for that one piece of data buried in company documents, a process akin to finding a needle in a haystack.


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6 Reasons to use generative AI on the basis of your own documents and information

Enter Owl at Work, your professional lifesaver. This innovative generative AI understands the significance of working with validated facts and your unique knowledge base. By allowing you to upload your organization's documents, Owl at Work transforms them into an accessible treasure trove of information. It answers your content needs by drawing directly from your company's wisdom—ensuring that every piece of content you generate is rooted in truth and facts relevant to your specific context.

Validated Facts and Information:
Owl at Work's generative AI draws directly from your organization's documents, transforming them into a reliable and accurate source of information. This eliminates reliance on internet-based AI that often yields outdated or incorrect data, making your content grounded in truth and facts.
Enhanced Efficiency:
Say goodbye to the time-consuming and frustrating process of validation and fact-checking. With Owl at Work, you have the correct information at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and effort.
Reduced Risk of Misinterpretations:
Generative AI that understands your unique knowledge base can significantly reduce the risk of incorporating potential misinterpretations into your content, preserving your credibility.
Greater Accessibility:
Instead of having to sift through mountains of company documents in search of a single piece of data, Owl at Work turns your documents into an accessible treasure trove of information.
Tailored Content:
Owl at Work allows you to ask for specific information based on your data. This feature positions your content to resonate with your audience every single time, as it's drawn from a context that's relevant to your firm and your audience.
Boost Confidence and Digital Presence:
By ensuring the authenticity of your content and reducing 'hallucinated' information, Owl at Work empowers you to elevate your digital presence, boosting your confidence in the process.

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How to Use Your Documents in Owl at Work

You are just a few steps away from taking generative AI to the next level with your own documents:

Uploading Your Documents:
You can upload your own documents to Owl at Work. The platform supports PDF formats, allowing you to easily upload your work-related content.
Organizing Your Documents in Collections:
Owl at Work offers a feature to organize your documents into collections. This helps you stay organized and maintain a clear overview of all your documents.
Using Documents as a Basis for Content Creation:
Once you have your documents uploaded and organized, you can use them as a foundation for creating new content. This feature enables you to build upon your existing work effectively.
Information Validation:
The information used is solely based on your own documents. This ensures that all the information used and generated is validated, enhancing the trustworthiness of your content.
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